The importance of an intact environment was recognized early: Already in 1962, the Foundation of National Parks of the Netherlands Antilles (STINAPA) was established, and a lot has been achieved since then: Apart from the protection of the flamingo hatcheries and the gradual establishment of Washington Slaagbai National Park, the Bonaire National Marine Park (BNMP) protects the spectacular underwater world since 1979. After payment of the "nature fee", you can start exploring the underwater world any time, either by snorkeling or scuba-diving. Divers can move around freely, guided by over 50 well marked dive sites easily accessible from the coast. About another 30 marked, unique dive sites are accessible by boat, in particular those along the island of Klein Bonaire, a small island west of Bonaire (and which should be visited for its white sandy beach), and the "wild side", i.e. the east side of Bonaire. Selected dive centers offer respective tours.

For us, underwater photography is another exciting topic on Bonaire: The individual shore dives give you all the time you need and your personal journey of discovery. No hustle and bustle, so often characterizing group boat-dives. A few samples of our underwater encounters are shown ...
Many dive sites can be reached from Kas bou di Streanan, which is also located on the island’s lee side, in just a few minutes by car. This gives you the freedom to dive any time you want. Unique weather or interesting lighting conditions, a spontaneous urge to get wet? Just gear up and get some spectacular photos or just some unforgettable memories.
This underwater world is simply impressive and fascinating. It offers intact coral, impressive sponges (recovering well after hurricane Omar hit in 2008) and an incredible variety of Caribbean reef dwellers.


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